Ruger® 10/22 Stock System

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A SUPER-STABLE and VERSATILE stock system for your Ruger® 10/22.

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A very slim, lightweight, versatile, and SUPER-STABLE precision chassis for your Ruger® 10/22. A patented design (US Pat #10012460) that allows ALL AR-compatible free-float handguards to securely attach with proper rail alignment and no gaps. The lower chassis features standard attachment points for AR buffer tubes/stocks/arm braces and grips (beaver-tail grips need to be trimmed). A Nylon-12 grip spacer is included that provides a smooth transition from the AR grip to the Ruger® 10/22 trigger guard.

NEW FEATURE! US Patent Pending #62703515! – Now includes an adjustable Thrust Screw at the base of the receiver that pins down the back of the receiver for a custom, super-tight fit with any standard Ruger® 10/22 receiver – no tangs, inserts, or bedding needed! And no modification of the receiver necessary! This is a “set and forget” feature – adjust it during the initial assembly procedure and then install the buffer tube. The firearm will still disassemble/assemble with the single Ruger® 10/22 factory takedown screw.

The upper and lower chassis is each CNC-machined from a single billet of “military-grade” 6061-T6 hardened aluminum alloy and then finished with a mil-spec anodized hardcoat- VERY tough and the entire assembly weighs ONLY 15.2 ounces!

Precision machining, thrust screw custom fit, and free-floating barrel design maximize accuracy. Accepts all Ruger® 10/22 barrel profiles including 0.920-inch “bull” barrels.

Single-screw takedown for easy cleaning and service. Optics, sights, lasers, etc. mounted on the receiver rail or hand guard are unaffected.

Drop-in installation – no modification of your Ruger® 10/22 is required (dovetailed rear sight on original-style barrel needs to be removed).

Price includes upper chassis, lower chassis, thrust screw, top receiver (scope mount) screws, grip screw (w/ washer), take-down screw (w/ washer and nylon retainer), buffer tube alignment ring, barrel-nut spacer, grip spacer, and instructions (Ruger® 10/22 firearm, stock, grip, and handguard not included).


Crazy Ivan discusses AND SHOOTS a basic precision rifle build.

Crazy Ivan reviews features of 10/22 Chassis System

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In my video I discuss only needing one take for the target shooting – the reason was that I wanted to demonstrate the basic Ruger® 10/22 in my Crazy Ivan Stock System has performance AT LEAST equal to the new Ruger® Precision Rimfire Rifle. I easily shot a better average and best group, so I quit! I neglected to mention that!  See the entire Guns and Ammo review of the Ruger® Precision Rimfire Rifle at


Crazy Ivan 10/22 Chassis Instructions
Click this link for .pdf:
1022-2-AR Instructions new121818


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  1. John Schultz (verified owner)

    I was looking at quiet a few chassis for my charger pistol
    I went with the black Crazy Ivan’s chassis
    Factory charger,Kidd’s 4 inch barrel , linear compensator,
    SB brace and a 4 inch m lock Schroud
    Top it off with a red dot and forget about all that ammo you stashed away
    Everyone likes it
    They all give it funny looks and ask why until they pull the trigger
    Then I can’t reload the mags fast enough
    Soon I might need another one for a rifle build

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