Mosin-Nagant No-Weld Bolt Handle


THE PERFECT handle to go with your Crazy Ivan Quick-On™ Scope Mount that doesn’t require welding!


THE BEST no-weld handle to go with your Crazy Ivan Scope Mount! The patented “drill and pin” design is CNC-machined from 4140 “Gun Metal” steel alloy and is designed to accommodate low-profile scope mounts like the Crazy Ivan Quick-On™ Scope Mount and other after-market low-profile scope mounts. This handle replaces the original handle on a Mosin-Nagant rifle. The original bolt body (not included) must be modified by sawing off the original handle and drilling holes for the handle attachment nub (3/8-inch, unthreaded) and lock pin (1/8-inch, unthreaded). Detailed instructions are included.


  • Patented (US 9,658,009) drill and pin design – no welding required
  • Sweep angle is completely adjustable during installation.
  • 4140 “gun metal” steel alloy can be polished/finished to match bolt body
  • Standard 5/16-24 threads on handle for knob
  • Optional round or teardrop machined aluminum knob available

OPTIONS: Pick one: no knob, teardrop knob, round knob

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No Knob, Teardrop, Round


Downloads & Resources

No-Weld Bolt Handle Instructions
Click here to download .pdf:
No-Weld Bolt Handle Instructions


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